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This is the most exclusive packaging in the world of wine

Una pieza de coleccionista de la bodega Pazo de Barrantes inspirada en el universo de las redeiras

The Pazo de Barrantes winery has just presented an exclusive artisanal sustainable packaging for one of its wines inspired by the work of the redeiras, the so-called seamstresses of the sea.

This limited edition piece of only 50 units has been created in collaboration with contemporary Galician artisan Sonia de Geronimo, and is intended to protect the world’s most exclusive Albariño, Gran Vino Pazo Barrantes.

Made of 100% cotton rope and natural leather, it is a collector’s item and is intended to carry a bottle of this much-desired wine, particularly its 1.5 litre magnum version.

This exclusive piece is the presentation letter of a long-term project in which the winery wants to highlight the effort, tradition and work based on excellence in the world of craftsmanship. A world with multiple points of connection to the work of viticulture. Likewise, it is also a sign of environmental commitment because of the materials used and their reusability as a fashion accessory.

This limited edition collection is only available on request and is limited to a limited number of units per person. In this sense, Pazo de Barrantes has had to establish a system of distribution of its wines by quotas among the more than 100 countries where it is present, due to the high demand that they have as a benchmark of quality white wines in the world.

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