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UNOde50 presents Shining Summer

UNOde50 has created a selection of jewellery that is ideal for any plan that may arise this summer

UNOde50 celebrates summer with Shining Summer, a selection that invites you to immerse yourself in this season and dazzle in any plan, whether it’s an unexpected weekend getaway or an everyday plan in the city.

The jewellery brand has created a colourful selection for this summer. All Shining Summer jewellery are unique designs plated in 18 carat gold and sterling silver, accompanied by some of the brand’s most popular materials, such as leather, faceted crystals and multi-coloured Murano glass.

Shining Summer brings together versatile jewellery suitable for everything from cosmopolitan plans to sun and beach trips. UNOde50 brings together the most lively, jovial and colourful jewels of the made in Spain brand, which reflect the inner light of each one of us to live in freedom and fun.

The images for Shining Summer were shot in the south of Spain, with landscapes adapted to the different summer plans, with a Mediterranean touch, very much in keeping with the brand’s DNA.

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