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Cícero, the new opening in Barrio de Salamanca featuring the eye-catching Cícero Table.

The great little gastronomic dream of four Mexican friends that is already giving a lot to talk about.

Innovative. Informal. Bold. Cícero is all about sensations and moments around his spectacular table. An unforgettable gastronomic experience, which, despite being designed by four Mexicans, is not a Mexican restaurant. A proposal of international style that reaches its peak in its solmene table for no more and no less than eighteen diners. A table with its own private chef who cooks under the watchful eye of diners, who can book the entire table or venture out on an unforgettable shared adventure with impromptu friends.

In Cícero’s menu, we find flavors of the world based on the best raw materials. Formidable cuts of meat, fantastic fish and the best vegetables take shape in seductive bites that are fully enjoyed in this beautiful place, located in the heart of the sophisticated Salamanca neighborhood.

Magnificent recipes are complemented by a carefully selected wine list designed by Miguel Angel Cooley, partner and president of the Mexican Sommeliers Association. A very careful liquid menu, which is still evolving, but where there is no lack of famous Mexican distillates, or an appetizing collection of delicious cocktails that are worth trying.

On our first visit to Cicero, we began with a delicious appetizer in the form of chicken croquette with salsa brava, which led us to an exquisite foie puff pastry with apricot compote and tequila gel. A delicate, subtle and exquisite bite, which led us to a sensational date stuffed with sobrasada stuffed with bacon.

We continued with their original Caesar salad with grilled prawns that won us over from the first bite before going on to try the sublime suckling pig ingot with roasted potatoes, piquillo and piparras. A balanced, round and tasty elaboration, which led to its now famous Cicero cheesecake, undoubtedly the perfect finishing touch to an unforgettable evening that tempts us to return very soon.

Cícero, a formidable international cuisine with nods to the native Mexico of its creators, which is fully enjoyed around its striking Cícero Table. A solemn interactive gastronomic adventure that will undoubtedly surprise the most intrepid palates. Would you like to get to know Cicero?


Address: Lagasca, 48. Madrid

Telephone: 638 346 417

Medium Ticket: 60€

Average bar price: 25 €

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