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ERES launches beachwear collaboration with Chloé

Luxury swimwear brand ERES has collaborated with La Maison Chloé on an exclusive collection

Chloé’s Creative Director aspired to create swimwear with the highest savoir-faire and chose to partner with ERES to design these swimsuits and bikinis. Chloé, for its part, has created a range of beachwear encompassing ready-to-wear, bags, shoes, eyewear and hats inspired by the Maison’s design signatures, such as English embroidery and the brand’s signature “C”.

The ERES x Chloé swimsuits are made with Peau Douce, an innovative second-skin material created by ERES that combines elasticity, strength, shape and comfort, in earthy colors inspired by the Mediterranean.

Chloé’s unique femininity is expressed in both the cut and the construction of the ERES x Chloé swimsuits. With ruffles on the shoulders of the “Philippine” swimsuit and the “Polynesia Palau” bikini that recall Chloé’s distinctive winged silhouette, as well as the “Pacific” swimsuit and the “Papuasia Peru” bikini, which introduce another distinctive code of the Maison. The “C” emblem featured on iconic Chloé handbags.

Chloé’s strong commitment to continuously improving its environmental and social impact is reflected throughout the ERES x Chloé collection. The Peau Douce material used in the swimsuits is embroidered linen. Flax cultivation emits fewer greenhouse gases and requires less water, making it a material with less impact on nature than other conventional materials.

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