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Moët Chandon presents Grand Vintage 2015 in Aponiente

Renowned chef, Ángel León, and Moët & Chandon's Chef de Cave, Benoît Gouez, present Grand Vintage 2015 at Chef del Mar's restaurant, Aponiente.

Renowned chef, Ángel León, and Moët & Chandon’s Chef de Cave, Benoît Gouez, present Grand Vintage 2015 at Chef of the sea restaurant, Aponiente.

The most sustainable chef of 2022, with Three Michelin Stars and the first and historic Michelin Sustainable Green Star, created an exceptional pairing between a seasonal menu and the trilogy of Grand Vintage 2015, Grand Vintage 2006 and Grand Vintage 1999.

The Grand Vintage 2015 and Grand Vintage Rosé 2015, are two wines assembled by Moët Chandon’s cellar master and inspired by his interpretation of a year of heat, sun and drought. Grand Vintage 2015 marks the beginning of a new day, of “a radiant morning” alluding to a year of waking up and becoming aware of climate change and its impact.

Grand Vintage 2015

This champagne calls for delicate flavors that do not overload the palate. Combine with mild spices to complement a tender, slow-cooked meat or fish dish. Exotic and mild white fruits, light broths with herbs and small green vegetables are excellent choices.

Grand Vintage Rosé 2015

To contrast with the strong spicy aspect of the Grand Vintage Rosé, a touch of vegetal freshness, aromatic peppers or sweet preparations with bitter ingredients, such as spiced candied grapefruit rind, will emphasize the chorus of flavors.

Grand Vintage 2015 is La Maison’s 76th Vintage and 45th Vintage Rosé, made from grapes harvested in late summer 2015. An atypical season due to the weather, especially the sun and heat, which marked an unusual harvest and resulted in interesting wines full of character.

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