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UNOde50 presenta Brave, las joyas que ensalzan la valentía

This UNOde50 collection was born as a vindication of courage; having conviction, not being afraid of failure and fighting for what you believe in, are implicit in this virtue. Courage has to do with following one’s valuable intuition without letting anything get in the way.

BRAVE takes on the form of jewelry through chains and links, symbols that evoke the rupture with expectations or with the preset, for the sake of finding what one desires. Therefore, the result is jewelry that alludes to the rupture through these symbols, in favor of freedom and the strength to be what you want, with which we will feel driven to carry out with determination everything we propose.

This quality is embodied in jewelry plated in sterling silver and 18 karat gold, designed and produced in Spain, featuring rectangular and slightly oval geometric shapes, with topaz or leather, in necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and watches. In addition, this collection includes four references of exclusive online sale: the Unbeatable necklaces and bracelets in silver and gold.

BRAVE is part of EMPOWERMENT, a collection available in all stores, which represents the emotional approach to the innate power and worth that we can find within each one of us. All the pieces in this collection aim to enhance the virtue of empowerment, that inner strength that drives us to feel good about ourselves and to show it to the outside world.

The images of the collection are starring the Spanish model and international projection, Lorena Durán. A unique model with great personality who has broken all the rules, and who faithfully represents the spirit of freedom, security and pride that the jewelry in the EMPOWERMENT collection also possesses.

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