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New project by Brákara Studio

The creation of a comfortable and bright day area, with continuity in the terrace, as well as the design of a magnificent suite with large windows are the keys to the renovation of this penthouse in Barcelona, carried out by Brákara Studio: “Our main objective was to enhance the lighting and also to create a space with a lot of personality.”.

To make the most of outdoor living, the large terrace – which was previously totally unused – has been converted into a real urban oasis in the heart of the Eixample district, through various pieces of furniture with a Mediterranean and very natural aesthetic.

Inside, what was once an excessively compartmentalized and dark apartment, with a complex interior architecture, has been transformed and simplified at the distributive level, to enhance its functionality and increase the entry of natural light.

Contrasts and materials that enhance luminosity

Materials such as wood, stone and cement have been experimented with, creating a very harmonious environment throughout the house.

This combination of materials is dressed with a chromatic palette of dark tones, present both in the black carpentry and in the furniture, textures and objects where grays, blues and browns predominate… in contrast with the white walls and ceilings. In this way, the luminosity and depth of each room is maximized. The light lines of the furniture contribute to add spaciousness.

Photography: Jordi Folch

Open kitchen, but not overloaded

The kitchen, open to the living room, offers a functional and uncluttered space. With the intention of not overloading the space, furniture has been used only in the lower part. White is the protagonist in the entire upper part and in the countertop.

The front of the island and the base units are made of wood, completely custom-made. The details on the door partitions give it a special touch.

Photography: Jordi Folch

A black and white suite

The master suite stands out for its strong personality and character, which is marked by the dominance of black and white colors, as well as by the visual amplitude and luminosity provided by its large windows, framed in black.

The sophisticated detail is provided by the two hanging lamps over the bed, with their light golden metal structure and opaque white crystal ball. On the other hand, the point of surprise is the headboard, which at the back acts as a separation from the stairs leading to the terrace.

The carpentry has been completely custom-made by Brákara Studio, this has made it possible to design a closet that meets all the owner’s needs: the lower part has been organized to store shoes and some areas have been left with drawers and doors and others without, leaving the clothes hanging in view.

Photography: Jordi Folch

Black sliding doors with translucent glass lead to the en-suite bathroom. This room is filled with life and depth thanks to the main wall cladding, made of rectangular tiles in intense blue. In the rest of the bathroom, in harmony with the suite, a white base predominates with some elements in black, such as the faucets and the vanity unit.

Definitely, the reform of this penthouse in Barcelona by Brákara Studio has achieved not only that natural light flows in all rooms, but also that their owners can enjoy every square centimeter, both inside and on its generous terrace.

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