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Technogym & Panerai join forces to redefine wellness, precision and style

An example of this was the Wellness Challenge held in its Madrid boutique, in synergy with the high-end watch brand, Panerai.

The union of the Made In Italy values of Technogym and Panerai were the catalysts of an exceptional event that took place last September 21st at the Technogym Boutique in C/ Claudio Coello 77. With this cooperation, both brands shared their unwavering commitment to excellence, precision and style in their respective disciplines.
One of the highlights of the event was the unveiling of the close collaboration between Panerai and Technogym as official suppliers to the Luna Rossa team, as well as other America’s Cup teams.

Technogym’s scientific department has worked hard to design a specific training program for the Luna Rossa team, using state-of-the-art Technogym solutions, including the revolutionary Technogym Ride.

During the event, guests had the opportunity to experience a Wellness Challenge as the Luna Rossa team, with a training simulation similar to that of the Luna Rossa crew, challenging their limits and demonstrating exceptional performance with Technogym Ride. For its part, Panerai showcased its exceptional collection of sports watches that reflect the passion for adventure and the maritime spirit, in perfect harmony with Technogym’s excellence.

Technogym Ride is the first bicycle with a 22-inch screen that provides users with an unparalleled immersive indoor experience, was presented as the centerpiece of the event. This equipment has been designed with the collaboration of world-renowned cycling champions, and aims to provide a unique training experience for beginners and professionals alike.

More than 20 people participated and challenged themselves in this challenge, putting their abilities to the test and obtaining outstanding results. The boats that compete in the America’s Cup (and in any sailing regatta) do not have an engine, as they can be propelled only by the power of the wind. However, there are a number of maneuvers that require enormous energy, which is obtained by manual traction, i.e., by the strength of the crew members.

It has been shown that several professional cyclists have been able to adapt the mechanisms thanks to the greater power they can generate, performing maneuvers faster.

The energy generated by the cyclists is mainly used to raise and lower the foils on which the boat is supported to fly over the water. The requirements that these cyclists must have are practically Tour de France champions. In its job posting, American Magic asked for candidates “who are capable of producing 450 watts of sustained power for twenty minutes.” An America’s Cup race lasts between 20 and 30 minutes, hence the demand, both in terms of training and capacity during the challenges.

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