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Pushing the boundaries of fine jewelry, Prada presents “Eternal Gold”.

The first sustainable fine jewelry collection from a global luxury brand using 100% certified recycled gold.

Prada’s fine jewelry is based on sustainable practices that shape 21st century luxury, along with time-honored artisanal techniques and precious gems and metals.

Sustainability, a new interpretation of this concept, is embedded at the core of ETERNAL GOLD, reflecting Prada’s broad commitment to conscious and responsible practices in all facets of its business, including the shift from Prada’s total nylon production to its innovative sustainable recycled nylon.

100% of the gold used in Prada fine jewelry is certified recycled gold, which meets the chain of custody standards set by the Responsible Jewelry Council.

Every step and every incarnation of Prada’s responsible gold and diamond production chain is verifiable and traceable, something no other fine jewelry or luxury fashion house in the world offers. Prada’s recycled gold comes only from eligible recycled material sources, in accordance with due diligence, including industrial gold and post-consumer precious objects. The reduction of new gold mining benefits both the environment and human rights, and although traceability of the origin of diamonds is only possible with stones of 0.5 carats or more, Prada is extending the concept, for the first time, to stones of all sizes. It also extends to the entire value chain, from mining to cutting, setting and polishing: it is possible to trace every step of each diamond’s life.

In a groundbreaking new step for fine jewelry, the records of this verification have been recorded on Consortium Aura’s Blockchain platform and Prada fine jewelry customers will be able to access them to verify the authenticity of their pieces.

Prada’s clientele will be able to access the tour of each of the pieces, which will allow them to trace the provenance of each aspect.

Since its birth in 1913, Prada has always created “luxury objects”, inventing items that, through precious materials and the highest level of Italian craftsmanship, are unique proposals for its clientele. They reflect timeless traditions and the values and concerns of the modern world. ETERNAL GOLD is a new facet of this ideology. The first collection draws on Prada’s legacy of style, its timeless fashion lexicon, to create pieces that embody Prada’s timeless characteristics and, for the first time, enter the high jewelry sphere. Originally used as a luxury brand by Prada founder Mario Prada, the triangle here represents the brand: a conceptual logo, wordless and universal in its resonance. Archetypes are examined, delineated and reiterated, so the collection is composed of timeless forms with a constant resonance.

Snake bracelets, heart motifs, chain necklaces and bow chokers define the forms of fine jewelry, but they are also signs and symbols of affection and love. Gold is the center of attention: truly timeless, a timeless and constantly appreciated ancestral material, it is used in its true form and color. Prada’s own archetype, the triangle, is traced in each piece, highlighting the affinity found between Prada’s triangle and diamond facets.

Like all Prada creations, ETERNAL GOLD is a bold reconsideration of the very concept of fine jewelry, an expansion of what its universe can represent. Combining technology with a fundamental humanity, aligning the notion of timeless pieces with a fundamental commitment to sustainable and responsible practice, ETERNAL GOLD is a challenge to traditions, a break with convention.

A cast of exceptional personalities.

Championed for their talent and achievements, they are celebrated as individuals. They are unique, like every piece of fine jewelry, and their contribution to culture is lasting. They include award-winning American poet and activist Amanda Gorman; American actress, model and singer-songwriter Maya Hawke; and Dutch-Korean-Canadian musician Somi Jeon.

There is a constant interchange between the past and the future, a reflection of the notion of heirloom and fine jewelry that is passed from generation to generation as a token of endless love and affection. While evoking classic jewelry pieces, ETERNAL GOLD radicalizes their proportions, silhouettes and details to give them a truly modern impact, combining ancient and avant-garde notions.


Talents: Amanda Gorman, Maya Hawke, Somi Jeon
Photography: David Sims
Creative direction: Ferdinando Verderi

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