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K-speed redesigns the Honda super hub CT125

After the success of the previous version, Thai workshop K-Speed redesigns the Honda super hub CT175 motorbike model

With six decades in the market and being a sales success, the Honda super Cub has been the model of choice for many scooter fans to give it a new personalized look.

In 2020, this motorcycle model was already customized, and following the sales success three years later K-Speed is once again offering for sale a new limited edition model of just 100 units 50 in white and 50 in blackfor all those who missed out on theirs.

Honda super hub CT125 in black

With a design inspired by the classic Italian scooters of the 1930s, the front fender, wheel hubcaps, new solid wheel inserts and chrome exhaust stand out. The parts are made of ABS plastic even though they appear to be made of classic sheet metal. New front and rear disc brakes improve the Cub’s braking performance compared to the originals. In addition, the revised exhaust gives the single-cylinder, air-cooled, 109 cc engine more sound.

The vintage Firestone tires are mounted on custom-made 17-inch carbon fiber wheels covered by an aerodynamic disc. At the front you can see an LED headlight and handlebars with leather grips and new vintage-style grips. Finally, the design features new handlebars, footpegs and speedometer.

Orders for the new version of the Honda Super Cub CT125 Combat Custom can now be placed from the K-Speed website at a price of 9,696 euros.

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