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“La Marine” receives its third Michelin Star

French gastronomy meets in Alsace

Last Monday, French gastronomy had one of its most important events. The Michelin Stars ceremony brought together restaurateurs and professionals from more than 500 French and European restaurants awarded with Michelin Stars.

Among them are “La Marine”which received its third Michelin star. Nestled at the tip of the island of Noirmoutier, in the Herbaudière creek, “La Marine“has consolidated its position as one of the best restaurants in France by obtaining this recognition.

Alexandre Couillon, chef of the restaurant “La Marine is the only one to achieve a promotion in this edition. “It’s our lucky star,” the chef assured at the event in Strasbourg, alongside his wife, Céline. “It’s a couple story, along with our teams, of course,” he added excitedly.

Alexandre Couillon at the Michelin Stars Ceremony

The menu of “La Marine” is an oceanic and vegetal promenade that adds a unique culinary signature to the French gastronomic landscape. Stripped of everything superfluous and fully rooted in the terroir, the chef’s creations unfold according to the seasons, the maritime harvest and the daily yields of the Noirmoutier fish market.

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