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Evening entertainment, lunch menu Monday to Friday and brunch weekends

Since SLVJ Valencia opened in 2020, it has not stopped being successful, becoming without a doubt the place to be in the Valencian capital

The wild, fun and sybaritic lifestyle of SLVJ Valencia allows you to enjoy fine Japanese cuisine, an exquisite blend of tradition and design, quality and lifestyle, and to have fun. The perfect place for lovers of this cuisine.

SLVJ Valencia has a daily menu, the Wild Lunch, a unique culinary experience while you enjoy our elegant and cosy atmosphere. Each dish is carefully prepared by their team of expert chefs using the freshest and highest quality ingredients. For starters the Miso Soup, for main course a choice of dishes from the Sushi Bar, such as the Dinamita Roll or the Spicy Tuna, and for main course a choice of dishes from the Robata, such as the Roasted King Salmon or the Beef Skewer. For dessert, Ichigo & Cream, a white chocolate cream, chocolate and coffee crunch, accompanied by coriander seed and raspberry ice cream. There are also Veggie options, such as Wok veggie fried rice or Brussels sprouts.

In the evening, Wild Night, a night full of emotions at SLVJ Valencia, where you can enjoy a dinner surrounded by the strength and courage of the Amazonian warrior women in a thrilling and exciting show that will make you vibrate.

In addition to the daily menu and dinners, there are also two brunch options, Monkey Brunch of SLVJ Valencia,a hilarious proposal that has been a runaway success at SLVJ Miami, is the perfect formula for enjoying a great time at SLVJ Miami. saturday with a brunch that is wild and exciting at the same time.

The brunch is made up of a wide variety of options, as it is an open formula where the diner can choose à la carte,to which is added a special dish designed by the chef Fermín Azkue, the Crispy salmon Benedict, and three cocktails,as the Monkey blood with a champagne base, signed by the barman Borja Goikoetxea.

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