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Quera jeweller’s shop revives luxury in Calle Larios in Malaga

The prestigious jeweller Quera has chosen number 4 Marqués de Larios Street, owned by Salsa Patrimonio, to open its first shop in Andalusia. In doing so, it has become the first luxury house to open in Malaga’s prime location in recent years.

This opening will be a strategic step for Quera Jewellery, which, with more than 130 years of history and six generations of family ownership, specialises in the best Swiss watch and jewellery brands from around the world. It will be its first establishment in Andalusia and represents a firm commitment to the city, both by Quera and Salsa Patrimonio, which is introducing luxury brands in the historic and commercial centre of the city.

The new shop will cover an area of 622 m2 and will feature the exclusive ambience of fine jewellery and watchmaking. This shop will join the existing Quera jewellers in Girona, the original jewellery shop, Alicante and online. También contará con un taller artesanal y un servicio técnico de relojería.

“Malaga’s positioning for the luxury sector is increasingly interesting. In the last year, the retail sector has experienced a big step towards stabilisation in terms of sales levels, traffic and income in the city due to tourist, cultural and business activity, which has increased the flow of tourists and residents with greater purchasing power”, explained Juan Pedro Hernández, director of High Street Retail at SavillsAndalucía, who said that “in the coming months new luxury brands will be arriving in Málaga”.

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