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Discover the timeless elegance of Travertine

Saloni unveils new collection for democratic luxury cladding

Travertine is the new Saloni series inspired by the majestic travertine marble. With its heterogeneous morphology and magnificent veining, this collection offers a timeless aesthetic, turning any room into an exclusive, distinguished and subtle atmosphere.

The versatility provided by porcelain tiles is almost utopian. Saloni has taken care of every detail in the finishes of the Travertine collection. Both the Anticatto finish, which offers a more natural and authentic look, and the Luxe finish, polished and elegant, maintain the characteristic aesthetics of this wonderful material.

Jaime Garmendia, CEO of the Victoria Group PLC brand says: “At Saloni, our mission is to always provide our customers with the best buying experience in coatings. The recent opening of the first Flagship Store on Madrid’s Golden Mile, Serrano 55, and this launch reflects our commitment to offer more immersive experiences that create community and provide a premium service to professionals and individuals”.

This collection evokes one of Saloni’s core messages: beauty, practicality and quality. With its different graphics, shades and finishes, the new Travertine ceramic tile offers our customers the opportunity to create unique and sophisticated spaces that will captivate and set trends in the autumn season.

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