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Delicias Gourmet Group allies with LaFinca Grand Café

Delicias Gourmet Group continues its national expansion with the opening of a new gourmet shop in spring

Delicias Gourmet Group joins LaFinca Grand Café to continue its national expansion with the opening of a gourmet store in the spring.

Delicias Gourmet Group is a business group dedicated to gourmet food and formed by a great team of gastronomy professionals, specialized in the sale of products of the highest quality.

The group is always in constant evolution, the 14-year history of the brand started with the first gourmet store. Garden Delightsin Nueva Andalucíaand currently has seven business centers, located in the following countries strategic points of the Costa del Sol and Cadizbetween Elviria and Sotogrande, and open 365 days a year.

LaFinca Grand Café is the new gastronomic Hub of Madrid with more than 10,000 m2 of commercial offer, with a wide range of restaurants and other services. This Premium Lifestyle Centeris surrounded by a unique environment, in a space designed by the team of architects of LaFinca A+D next to the new Los Lagos Golf Course.

LaFinca Grand Café will have in this new establishment the commitment to a return to the traditional philosophy of Delicias Gourment Group, in addition to the proximity to the customer and its personalized attention to guide, recommend and inform them about the product they are buying.

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