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Okuda San Miguel and Porsche merge in an exclusive partnership

Porsche and Okuda Art team up for pop collaboration

The German automotive emporium, Porche, is celebrating its 75th anniversary and has organized various initiatives to commemorate this milestone.

Among the different initiatives is the brand’s unique collaboration with Okuda Art, one of the most relevant national and international contemporary artists. Okuda is currently one of the most valued contemporary artists in the world and his interventions can be found in major cities around the world.

Okuda X Porsche

For the collaboration the artist has chosen a Porche 928, one of the most iconic models of the 70s and 80s, to demonstrate that art is able to change the perspective of things. For Okuda this collaboration has become a perfect opportunity to demonstrate his passion for the pure, for sportsmanship, and above all, for the way to give shape to dreams through art.

Iván Burgos, Connected Car Manager of Porsche Ibérica says that this initiative “speaks of dreams, of how luxury and new contemporary art movements come together to show the diversity of today’s society”.

Okuda X Porsche

With this unique piece the brand wants to transfer the advances of Porche to adapt to changes over the decades to give its customers the best product. This Porsche model by Okuda, demonstrates the innovation over the years of the German automotive emporium and will remain in the hands of a Porsche collector.

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