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Tommy Jeans and Awake present their new collection inspired by the nostalgia of the “Back to School” style

Inspired by Tommy Hilfiger and Angelo Baque's personal memories and the importance of finding one's own style in high school, this collaboration reinterprets their favorite 90's garments

Tommy Hilfiger, presents its Tommy x Awake NY collection and campaign. The capsule is made up of a selection of pieces inherited from TOMMY HILFIGER and combined with the contemporary spirit of Awake NY, paying homage to the “back to school” style of the 90’s hip-hop era.

“High school style is an essential part of American youth culture,” in the words of Tommy Hilfiger. “Pop culture has defined the style of every generation for decades. With this collection, we reinvent with a fresh twist the classics from our archives and pay homage to the students of the 90s and their style, very much in the spirit of hip-hop.”

The campaign is a nostalgic homage to back-to-school style and attention to detail, resulting in the perfect look for the first day of high school, a real ritual for teenagers.

“If you go to high school in New York, you know that your style is paramount,” comments Angelo Baque. “When I was in high school, wearing Tommy clothes validated who you were and gave you a sense of confidence. With each piece in this collection, we want to channel that energy and sense of belonging.”

The Tommy x Awake NY capsule features 17 pieces inspired by the TOMMY HILFIGER archives and 90s style. The personality of New York City is reflected through the reversible Alaska jacket with the city print, plus its padding is made from recycled materials. A dress from the archives has been reinvented into a bold and feminine garment in this genderless collaboration. The DNA of the two brands comes together with the Awake NY daisy print on a fleece liner and on the iconic Tommy Flag shirt with the collaboration logo in red, white and blue.

This is the second Tommy x Awake NY collection that fuses Angelo Baque’s street style with TOMMY HILFIGER’s preppy aesthetic. The first collection, called Tommy x Mercedes-AMG F1 x Awake NY, was launched on May 4 on the occasion of the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix, with a selection of motorsport-inspired garments that cemented ties between racing and fashion.

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