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4 new elixirs to combat aging skin at every age

This major launch of the MY Yébenes range, pioneer in working on the skin firmness index, acts against the different signs of aging, radiance, hydration and restoration

Concern for combating skin aging is increasingly common among adults, but also among young people beyond the age of 20. This drives us to look for different methods and products, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, to help us maintain healthy and rejuvenated skin.

This is how the Institute of Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine Maribel Yébenes continues to innovate in the field of cosmetics with its renowned MY Yébenes line and launches 4 new elixirs that adapt to the needs of each person.

1. All ages: corrects and prevents blemishes

Melaless Elixir (firmness index 0) is the perfect ally for everyone.

This elixir helps reduce the appearance of blemishes and evens skin tone, providing a more luminous and uniform appearance. In addition, its formula is enriched with moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients that protect and nourish the skin, keeping it healthy and preventing premature aging.

“If you have spots, it lightens them, if you are treating those spots, it creates a barrier so that they do not reappear, especially now with the increased sun exposure, in addition to preventing their appearance,” says Maribel Yébenes.

2. Over 30 years of age: improves the texture and appearance of aging skin or lack of tone

New Repair Elixir (firmness index 2) is recommended for people between the ages of 30 and 40, who are experiencing the first visible signs of skin aging.

A revitalizing and anti-aging cosmetic that, thanks to its formulation, offers a renewing and regenerating action on the skin, providing great hydration.

In addition, it increases the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, helping to improve the texture and appearance of aging or toneless skin.

3. Over 40: dehydrated, dull, reddened skin

Focusing on the needs of people in their 40s and 50s, the New Brilliant elixir (firmness index 3) is designed to provide luminous and radiant skin.

Moisturizes, illuminates and corrects the appearance of the main signs of aging, including those caused by UV rays by reducing their damage to the skin.

Its composition with 10% of vitamin C liposomes gives it a great antioxidant action, capturing oxidizing substances and free radicals and deactivating them. Another ingredient, vitamin E, has a protective capacity of the cell membrane thanks to its antioxidant properties, reducing the damage caused by UV rays and increasing the hydration of the stratum corneum.

4. Over 50: moisturizing and elasticity to the skin

The new elixir New Density is the latest addition to the Maribel Yébenes cosmetic line and is especially aimed at people with dehydrated and aging skin, especially those over 50 years of age.

This moisturizing and revitalizing elixir brings radiance and elasticity to the skin, offering a healthier and more radiant appearance. Its active ingredients help strengthen the skin barrier, improving water retention and providing deep hydration. In addition, this elixir is ideal for those seeking to brighten skin dulled by sun exposure.

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