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Taberna Puerto Lagasca a great little seaport in the exclusive neighborhood of Salamanca

It’s been a long time since Taberna Puerto Lagasca opened its doors back in 2008. These were complicated times of economic crisis and recession that its architect, the great visionary Pepe Caldas, took advantage of to start his first restaurant in one of the best areas of the capital. Pepe knew that in those hard times it was necessary to open a restaurant where he could eat well at reasonable prices and he took the opportunity to fulfill his pending dream of setting up his own restaurant. After a rough start, until he learned the complicated workings of what it takes to start a restaurant, Caldas was able to outline a successful concept that soon reaped well-deserved success. A beautiful and successful project that encouraged him to open years later one of the meeting points par excellence of the capital, Taberna Los Gallos with his partner and friend Carlos Arias.

In Taberna Puerto Lagasca, a formidable Mediterranean cuisine designed by the incredible chef from Jaén, Paco Carrascosa Arévalo, awaits us. An honest and quality cuisine, that once tasted invites you to come back. The place itself is cozy and pleasant. With a seafaring spirit and a great team of professionals, a visit to Puerto Lagasca tavern is always synonymous with enjoyment. At the head of the room, the charming Camille always advises us with a big smile and an overflowing sympathy, making each visit unforgettable.

On this occasion, we began by savoring a daring melon vichyssoise with tuna mojama. Original, tasty and rounded, he led us to his classic croûte en croûte, which is a real spectacle. We continued with a formidable grilled octopus with “patatas revolconas” and aioli foam that conquered us from the first bite before moving on to taste the impressive rice with prawns that we enjoyed from start to finish before moving on to the sweet moments of dessert.

We finished with an exquisite homemade apple cake tatin that confirmed Paco Carrascosa’s incredible skills as a pastry chef.

Taberna Puerto Lagasca, a must stop in the Salamanca neighborhood when you are looking for good food at reasonable prices. An honest and quality cuisine that once you try it…. Invites you to come back!


Address: Calle Lagasca, 81

Phone: 91 576 41 11

Web: https://puertolagasca.com/

Average price: 30€.

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