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Étoile collection

As the name suggests, the protagonist of this new collection is the timeless element of the star, which takes the shape of the logo and becomes a recurring point of light in all accessories. Indeed, the starry sky is the source of inspiration for the whole family.

The main and iconic feature that unites the bags is the puffed effect conferred by the matelassé and embellished by the all over logo, which gives a touch of light and sophistication.

A bucket bag, a shopper bag, two hobo bags in different sizes, a shoulder bag and a cell phone holder are the glamorous note that fits any outfit.

Three shoe models, two pumps and a sandal, complete the Étoile family of accessories. Its clean lines are enhanced by the iconic micrologo detail that appears at the bottom of the sculpted heel, adding a luminous glow.

This iconic new collection is designed to be both stylish and versatile. Perfect for evening and daytime looks, it is ideal for the dynamic, feminine and elegant Elisabetta Franchi woman.

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