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One of the world’s most exclusive diamonds up for auction

"Eternal Pink" is a gemstone unique in its beauty and rarity and could fetch up to $35 million

On June 8, Sotheby’s celebrates in New York the Magnificent Jewels auction where incredible diamonds, precious stones and a selection of antique jewelry from the most reputable firms will be presented.

For this auction there is a key piece that heads it, it is the Eternal Pink diamond, its name refers to its color, a very bright purple pink, an extremely rare tone among diamonds, which makes it a highly sought after gem of 10.57 carats.

The rough gemstone, weighing 23.78 carats, was mined in Botswana. It was then cut by artisans into a unique cushion-cut diamond. The result is a gem of an extremely brilliant vibrant pink-purple color. It is considered to be the most vivid pink diamond ever released. Pink is one of the rarest naturally occurring diamond colors, which is why they are the most valuable, yet desirable.

The estimated price of the diamond is $35 million, which would make it the stone with the highest price per carat in the world. Before the auction, which takes place on June 8, the diamond will be exhibited in several cities such as Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Taiwan and Geneva.

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