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BMW’s spectacular transparent yacht

German company introduces a 100% electric luxury yacht

On the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival, BMW has taken the opportunity to present “The Icon”, a transparent and sustainable luxury yacht that emits no polluting gases.

It is the first ship of its kind with 100% electric and CO2-free propulsion.. The highlight of this new mini yacht, in addition to its design inspired by origami, the Japanese paper folding technique, is the incorporation of foils or wings. They are carbon fiber structures that sit below the water level and keep the hull afloat above, allowing it to move quickly and quietly without creating vibrations or waves.

“The Icon” is 13.15 meters long and has a maximum beam of 4.5 meters at the rear, tapering to a semi-pointed tip. The deck is dominated by a transparent structure with geometric lines that curve around the body of the mini yacht, allowing spectacular sea views to be enjoyed at all times.

In order to encourage the purchase of any of the products internationally renowned actors or to the tycoons that are moving around the area these days, BMW has offered exclusive rides aboard The Icon accompanied by a soundtrack composed ad hoc by Hans Zimmer, author of the score for films such as Dune or Gladiator.

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