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Sa Marinada Madrid the best of the Catalan fish market in the heart of Chamberí

Last April, SaMarinada Madrid opened its doors. A coquettish restaurant with an old-fashioned spirit, with a beautiful interior design signed by the Dorotea studio, which makes us partakers of the charm of those charming little fishing villages of the Costa Brava. A cozy space decorated in different shades of blue, where the freshest fish and seafood fresh from the Catalan fish markets await us.

Its creators, the couple formed by Marisa Amate and Joan Gurt, wanted to bring to Madrid a little piece of their beloved Costa Brava. A must stop for all those seafood lovers who will be able to savor delicacies such as its impressive sepionents, its exquisite mini razor clams or its sublime baby langoustines. Small bites that are bursting with flavor and that make us fall in love with them as soon as we taste them.

The menu of Sa Marinada Madrid is characterized by the quality of the products that compose it. An exclusive and tasty proposal, which reaches its optimum in the company of its carefully selected liquid menu designed by Jordi Grau. Formidable pairings that enhance the delicious flavors of the dishes that make up the restaurant’s appetizing menu.

On our visit to Sa Marinada Madrid, we started by savoring some impressive pickled rock mussels that are a true spectacle. A formidable start that led us to some original Palamós shrimp croquettes with romesco that are worth trying. Delicious!

We continue with baby langoustines and mini razor clams. Two products in miniature version that surprised us enormously with their rounded flavors and that gave way to the sonso with egg and caviar. A fish little known by the people of Madrid with a powerful flavor. Next, we tried an exquisite shrimp carpaccio that was truly addictive, as well as the impressive Palamós shrimp with which we said goodbye to Sa Marinada Madrid on this occasion.

Sa Marinada Madrid brings the Mediterranean to the capital. A new opening that is a real ode to the product … Can you resist?


Address: Calle de Fernández de la Hoz, 33, 28010 Madrid

Menu: samarinadamadrid.com

Phone: 918 02 77 91

Web: https://www.samarinadamadrid.com/

Medium Ticket: entre 50€ y 60€

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