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Inmaculada Peña nueva Directora General de Look the Luxury Magazine

Inmaculada Peña, has a long resume focused on Luxury Retail, she has worked for major brands such as Christian Dior, Chalhoub Group (LVMH), Ralph Lauren and Manolo Blahnik in different countries such as London and Dubai.

Inmaculada, will bring a more international vision to the magazine, will enhance the positioning of the magazine, will promote the improvement of experiential content and above all will provide a 360º vision of the world of real luxury that will be reflected in the pages of our print edition, while the digital edition will become the perfect showcase for our readers to enter the print edition eager to live the experiences of the luxury world that we offer.

Look the Luxury

With barely a year of life and two print editions, Look the Luxury aims to position itself as a benchmark and prescriber within the media focused on the luxury sector.

With its nine sections: travel, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, jewelry and watches, automobiles, gourmet, hotels and real estate; Look the Luxury is present in all luxury sectors, becoming one of the publications with the most referential content in each of them.

In its first issue, Look the Luxury chose for the cover Jessica Goicoechea, international influencer with two million followers on instagram, the photos were taken by Mario Sierra, a leading photographer in the fashion world who has worked for magazines like Vogue and Elle with the great national and international models of today.

Also in these first pages, you can find reports such as the “Restaurante el Capricho”, the best beef in the world; interviews with Julio Touza, one of the most renowned architects in our country or the international artist Demo, creator of the sculpture of our logo and mascot, the Tibetan mastiff Xambo.

In our second issue, the cover went to VacheronConstanti, with its Overseas collection; in gourmet we delve into the experience of the Sinestesia restaurant and its immersive gastronomy that fuses technology and haute cuisine.

The next issue, March 2024, will be the first of this year, with which we plan to consolidate this new stage that we begin today with the incorporation and leadership of Inmaculada Peña to the general management of Look the Luxury.

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