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Rioja X Victoria for the Goya 2023

Monica Cruz dazzles in a dress with a lot of meaning

The Goya Awards, the most awaited night of Spanish cinema landed in Seville for its 37th edition. The importance of cinema in this evening is indisputable, but also fashion and the outfits worn by the actors, actresses and the rest of the guests plays a fundamental role.

For this edition, Rioja is once again the official wine of the awards and that is why it has joined forces with Victoria Collection, Vicky Martin Berrocal ‘s brand, to dress Monica Cruz in a tribute to wine and the grape harvest.

The actress, who was accompanied by her two siblings, Penélope Cruz nominated for Best Supporting Actress for En los Márgenes and Eduardo Cruz nominated as composer, dared to wear a Grenache red dress, inspired by the color of wine.

Monica Cruz dressed in Rioja X Victoria

The silk velvet dress with square neckline, draped shoulders and draped effect favored the actress who has looked spectacular. The piece is entirely handmade, paying homage to the tradition, the origin and, of course, the color of the most representative red wine of our country.

Vicky Martín Berrocal the designer of the dress, explained: “this dress had to reflect the tonality of the Garnacha grape, which is pure passion. In addition, it is a dress with a classic design, symbolizing sensitivity, tradition and origin, which for me is the grape harvest. A ritual that is still mainly manual and full of delicacy. It is precisely that delicacy, turned into velvet, that takes me to the skin of the grape and the care and pampering with which it is harvested.”

For Monica it has been one of the most special editions of the Goya Awards because she went to support her brothers “I wanted my look to reflect the importance of passion and the essence of the origin, which for me is my family” and it has been true.

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