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Palomo Spain presents “The Closet” in New York City

The cordovan designer returns to New York with his latest collection

Alejandro Gómez Palomo, creator of Palomo Spain, has returned to the New York Fashion Week with his new collection “The Closet” which recalls his beginnings but with a more commercial touch.

The designer wanted to leave behind the image of his last collection “Shark”, in which the formality, which we are not used to in his designs, was part of it. in which the formality, to which we are not accustomed in his designs, was part of it. With “The Closet” returns to its origins to the mix of textures, fabrics and colors that impacts and fascinates.

Palomo, returns to the fanciful delicacy of his first collections and this time is loaded with feathers, pastel colors and ribbons, but yes, with a more commercial point approaching the streetwear that is so fashionable.

Palomo Spain New York Fashion Week 2023

In this fashion show we have seen skirts, mini-dresses and other babydolls, quilted maxi coats and XL dresses in lycra, with great combinations of textures and materials. From plush, to technical fabrics, embroidered tulle, sequins, denim, wool truffled with rhinestones, satin and even tweed.

In “The Closet” accessories take on special prominence, something already usual in the firm, thanks to jeweled shoes, sneakers belonging to the designer’s collaboration with Puma, maxi scarves, hats or rigid briefcases.

Palomo Spain New York Fashion Week 2023

And if anything is clear with this collection is that Palomo Spain returns to its origins and leaves no one indifferent with its colorful garments that are going to be a must-have. must have this winter.

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