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Rihanna’s stellar performance at the Super Bowl

Rihanna reappears at Super Bowl six years later

The artist, who had not been on stage for six years, has reappeared at the Half Time of the Super Bowl with a great news included. The singer has announced that she is pregnant with her second child with rapper Asap Rocky.

Rihanna Super Bowl 2023 performance

The performance of the Super Bowl´s Half Time performance is destined to be one of the most watched international events worldwide and Rihanna’ s reappearance has caused even more buzz with the possibility of breaking the record as the most watched halftime performance of the competition.

For the staging the singer has been inspired by a journey that has started from the heights. For her wardrobe she has relied on two major brands, Loewe and Alaïa. With a total red look in which he has highlighted a vinyl corset, which may remind us of the Schiaparelli creations, it is actually a creation of Jonathan Anderson creative director of Loewe.

Also at the beginning of the performance Rihanna wore a quilted maxi coat from Maison Alaïa also in red. The interpreter has not had a change of costume because she wanted to give maximum importance to the performance in which in 13 minutes she has tried to summarize 17 years of career.

Rihanna Super Bowl 2023 performance

The singer herself told the press conference beforehand: “the set list was the biggest challenge. That was the hardest part: deciding how to maximize 13 minutes, but also to celebrate. That’s what this show is going to be. It’s going to be a celebration of my catalog in the best way we could have done it. You’re trying to cram 17 years of work into 13 minutes, so it’s difficult.”

During the performance, she was accompanied by the popular group of dancers from The Royal Family Dance Crew school, who were dressed as astronauts, making the artist stand out with her red look.

Rihanna Super Bowl 2023 performance

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