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Ozio Gastronomic, renews its formidable menu with the genuine taste of Sicilian cuisine in the capital city

Traveling to Sicily without leaving the capital is possible thanks to Ozio Gastronómico. A charming restaurant with the genuine essence of Italian cuisine that awaits us at number thirty-seven of Madrid’s Aviador Zorita street to enter an authentic Sicilian restaurant in the capital.

A charming place that welcomes us with the genuine “sapore di Sicilia” that takes shape in a seductive menu where we find irresistible elaborations in which tradition and innovation converge.

The precursor of Ozio Gastronomico, the charming Sicilian Alberto Antolina, has outlined a cozy restaurant under the motto that the diner enjoys around a table while tasting the authentic products of his land. That’s why both the restaurant’s chef, Alessandro Prinzis, as well as the raw materials used in all their dishes, come directly from Italy. A one hundred percent Sicilian restaurant that has not yet completed its first year of life and already has a loyal audience that does not hesitate to return regularly.

During our visit to Ozio Gastronómico, we started by sharing a delicious panela appetizer. Delicious warm snacks prepared with chickpea flour and a touch of mint. An appetizing start that led us to the dish christened boleuts, boletus, boletus. A mushroom symphony prepared with crunchy cream, pan-seared boletus, boletus powder and parsley sponge. An eye-catching and amusing staging that we thoroughly enjoyed before savoring the exquisite ravioli carbonara with Sicilian truffle. A potent and aromatic recipe that invites you to thoroughly dig in before succumbing to the charms of the Picaresque pizza with gorgonzola, spicy espianata and shallots. Original, surprising and spicy, it will delight the most intrepid palates.

For dessert, nothing better than finishing with Il vero canolo siciliano, which is served at the table before the diner’s attentive gaze. A beautiful ritual that takes us back to Italy with every bite.

Ozio Gastronomic, a sensational and seductive little piece of Sicily in the capital that conquers us with a successful and resounding gastronomic proposal that exudes flavor and know-how of the best Italian cuisine.

See you soon at Ozio Gastronómico?

Ozio Gastronomico

Address: Calle del Aviador Zorita, 37

Telephone: 917 12 91 70

Average price: 40 €

Web: https://oziogastronomico.es/

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