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Afrika, the most special Christmas candle

Proof of this is the new Afrika candle, the Belgian firm’s most special design with which to celebrate such a special and endearing season. It is decorated with a silkscreen print in black and 9-karat gold on black and gold glass with small figurative drawings depicting the African savannah.

The screen-printed design of the Afrika candle is inspired by the tradition of paper cutting, which forms picturesque scenes through shadows. While the Swiss mountains are a common theme in this paper cutting technique, in this case we wanted to recreate African scenes where the savannah, baobabs and African animals come together in an original composition.

The Afrika scented candle is made of glass decorated with black silk-screen printing and 9-karat gold. The design features large spheres in which African scenes unfold in the tradition of tribal drawings. The flame shines through the glass and its movement gives life to the small African scenes of the silkscreen. Its woody fragrance of cashmere wood, clove and gaiac wood adds a festive air to your home.

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