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Organization and relaxation in the bedroom with Tegar’s new furniture collection.

Tegar’s new bedroom furniture collection combines elegant aesthetics and functionality in equal parts. With a modern and sophisticated style, the collection of headboards, bed frames, bedside tables and closets, belongs to the new Tempo Night catalog. Collection.

On a functional level, today’s homes require storage spaces appropriate to their available surface area, a reality that Tegar’s design team has taken into account when designing the furniture for the entire Tempo Night collection.Collection. Its cabinets can be considered practically walk-in closets, equipped with doors that can be left open or closed, as the user wishes.

Dressing room feeling, even in a small space

How have bedroom closets evolved? The qualitative leap offered by Tegar is the convenience of use thanks to its cabinet doors, which are folding and sliding at the same time. This double opening system allows access to the entire interior without losing space in the bedroom. The doors move smoothly, without hinges on the sides, and can be positioned where it is most convenient at any given moment.

This is a good solution for those who long to have a walk-in closet, but have limited space. When everything is perfectly tidy we can leave the closet in plain sight, but if we are not prone to folding clothes, everything is hidden behind the impeccably finished doors.

In this six-door closet proposal, the four central bodies have doors in Catania wood finish. The two lateral bodies provide lightness thanks to a transparent glass, framed in a matte gold finish. The interiors are perfectly distributed, with spaces and details designed for the storage of all types of clothing and accessories.

The headboard takes center stage

In the sleeping area, Tegar’s Ribbon headboard takes center stage. Its purist design is based on straight vertical lines; its volume adds dynamism and depth to any room. The indirect, soft and warm lighting at the back of the head enhances the relaxed atmosphere and the feeling of warmth.

Bedside tables, with two drawers, provide extra storage. The bed frame, in the same dark finish as the rest of the furniture, seems to literally fly above the floor, an effect that greatly lightens the space.

Wide range of colors

Tegar’s Tempo NightCollection is available in a wide range of shades from the darkest to the lightest, adapting to all types of decorative and interior design styles.

Aesthetically, the use of a very dark brown tone, typical of wood, combined with some golden metallic details and an appropriate indirect lighting, allows creating balanced bedrooms, with relaxing, warm, sophisticated and very elegant atmospheres.

Definitely, the new Tegar bedroom furniture collection achieves, on the one hand, an atmosphere of relaxation and rest from a monochromatic palette in very dark brown and, on the other hand, improves the quality of life of the user with practical storage solutions for everyday life.

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