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Craftsmanship with more than 100 years of history: these are the made in Spain handbags you will be carrying non-stop this 2024

“A brand with more than 100 years of history in the production of handcrafted hats and accessories. We are proud to maintain the tradition and craftsmanship that have led us to be recognized as a reference brand in the market”, this is how they define the essence of the Zahati firm.

Behind the rage of the straw bags of the Alicante firm is the designer Sandra Mira Zaragosí. A young woman who continues with the tradition of a firm that has its origins in 1860, when her great-great-grandfather began to manufacture palm hats in a village in Alicante where the tradition is the braiding of natural fibers typical of basketry. A business that has been evolving and, despite having had a temporary closure in between, has been able to continue under the name of Zahati.

A firm that reinvents the traditional concept of craftsmanship to give it a more contemporary touch with designs that perfectly merge translation and avant-garde. Zahati is not just a fashion accessory brand, but embodies the essence of generations of artisans and experts in braiding natural fibers.

“Each Zahati product is unique, since its creation process is completely handmade by the hands of our expert craftsmen, using ancestral techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. This allows us to offer an authentic product with soul, in which you can appreciate the love and dedication we put into each piece”, explained from the Alicante firm, where they give importance to what is really important, such as manual labor and the seal of the company. made in Spain.

Pieces handmade in the workshop of Gata de Gorgos, in Alicante, the same town where it all began more than 100 years ago. To create bags, accessories or decorative pieces, they look for inspiration in old books ranging from architecture, basketry or braiding techniques. However, it is clear to them that the customer is their main reason for being, so they take their opinion into account when making modifications to existing designs. In addition, another of its forms is to create new silhouettes from leftovers left in the workshop.

Craftsmanship is the history of the company, although this time it is adapted with more modern touches, as both are fundamental parts to forge the value of each and every one of its products. A craftsmanship that has a lot to do with sustainability, in fact, in Zahati they are not only committed to making high quality products, they also have a commitment to care for the environment, as well as the working conditions of their workers. Production materials are carefully selected to minimize environmental impact, while working in a fair and equitable environment.

Bags, hats and accessories are now the element capable of differentiating a look. Designs that move away from the uniformity of trends to value the history of each piece that translates into unique designs, created with care, effort and identity.

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