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Negro Carbón, a haven of smoky delights for the most carnivorous appetites

The group, with several restaurants in Málaga and Granada, lands in the capital with Negro Carbón and Showroom by Negro Carbón

A restaurant baptized with a name that is a true statement of intent. A product-focused cuisine centered around grilling and the finest cuts of meat. The grill is always the cornerstone of Negro Carbón’s gastronomic proposal, where we find a straightforward cuisine starring red meats and charcoal. A must-visit for the most carnivorous palates, with locations in Málaga, Granada, and now also in the capital. Two new openings in Madrid that have made a strong entrance named Negro Carbón and Showroom by Negro Carbón.

We visited the former, located at number 143 on Madrid’s Paseo de la Castellana, in the basement of the Cuzco Uno building. A striking modern grill where its emblematic oak grill stands out, delivering those formidable cuts of meat with that characteristic and delicious flavor provided by the embers. A cozy venue to enjoy a robust gastronomic proposal of quality at reasonable prices, matching the expectations of the most demanding palates and especially those unconditional lovers of good meats.

During our visit to the new Negro Carbón location in the capital, we started by savoring a delightful appetizer in the form of a shot of sweet potato cream with crispy sweet potato chips and picatoste. A fun start that balances different textures and that we fully enjoyed before moving on to try one of its star starters, the foie gras ingot with sour apple cream and freeze-dried mango. A true delight that led us to some impersonal artichokes with Payoyo cheese and Sierra Nevada ham powder that is definitely worth trying. An exquisite recipe that gave way to exotic kataifi prawns with mango chutney and sweet and sour sauce, leading us to the much-anticipated meat moment. We tried a sensational piece of clandestine Polish meat weighing just over a kilogram, accompanied by a delicious homemade chimichurri and an assortment of flavored salts, which we found to be an original and successful touch. For garnish, we opted for some deliciously seasoned potato wedges, undoubtedly a winning choice, which we thoroughly enjoyed before moving on to try a refreshing and digestive grilled pineapple with Martini English cream, lime popping candy, and passion fruit ice cream, which became the perfect final touch to the evening.

Negro Carbón arrives in Madrid to seduce us with a resounding concept of grilling and spectacular meats that will delight the most carnivorous. A new and welcoming temple of meats in the capital where enjoyment and good times are always GUARANTEED.

Negro Carbón

Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 143 28046 Madrid

Phone: 919 41 48 81

Website: negrocarbon.es

Medium ticket:60€

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