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Come Bebe Ama Gastrohome, a charming piece of Extremadura in the surroundings of Madrid’s Pradera de San Isidro

A concept starring the finest products from the Extremaduran lands with clever nods to travel that captivate the palate

Simple, cozy, and brimming with essence, Come Bebe Ama Gastrohome is the beautiful project of Daniel Holguín and María Moreno. A charming restaurant that opened its doors in the Carabanchel district of Madrid in December 2020, inviting us to delve into the unmistakable flavors of Extremadura.

Its creators, Daniel and María, have crafted a charming space in one of the most populous neighborhoods in the southern area of Madrid, where the finest foods from Extremadura await us. A cuisine focused on quality ingredients, with clever nods to travel, where gastronomy and culture converge, allowing us to enjoy an unforgettable evening in an extremely welcoming atmosphere where we always feel at home.

In the menu of Come Bebe Ama Gastrohome, we find an enticing collection of delicious bites with those genuine flavors of Extremadura that infect us with the nostalgia and love that Daniel and María feel for their land. Beautiful memories that are reflected in delicious recipes that always start with the best Extremaduran raw materials and a lot of love.

The restaurant is divided into three pleasant spaces. A lively bar area, the cozy dining room, and a charming terrace, so that we can enjoy the delicious dishes that come out of their kitchen in any of them.

During our visit to Come Bebe Ama Gastrohome, we started by savoring a spectacular appetizer in the form of a toast with anchovy, honey, and black garlic flower. A small and daring bite that works wonders with its clever contrast of flavors and led us to their already famous acorn-fed ham croquettes. Very creamy and tasty, we enjoyed them from start to finish before moving on to try a delicious glazed leek with cream of peppers and wild asparagus foam, bursting with flavor and craftsmanship.

The prawn and mascarpone gyozas we tasted next were a true spectacle that made us clean the plate thoroughly. One of those dishes that captivate the palate and will undoubtedly make us return soon to Come Bebe Ama.

We continued with their surprising Siobac, their particular version of the classic pork rind, but much more delicate than the traditional recipe. An exquisite preparation that led us to a proper fideuá with red shrimp tartare with black garlic mayonnaise and an exceptional acorn-fed Iberian pork loin with a touch of bone marrow and puff pastry potato that is a true delight.

We finished with a sensational torrija with bitter orange marmalade and a touch of chocolate that shared the spotlight with a fun super refreshing and digestible perrunilla soil. The best possible way to bid farewell to this surprising piece of Extremadura in the capital.

Come Bebe Ama Gastrohome, an endearing piece of Extremadura in Madrid. The beautiful project of Daniel and María immerses us in the flavorful tastes of their land, always characterized by quality and honesty. Are you ready to travel to Extremadura through your palate?

Come Bebe Ama Gastrohome awaits you!

Come Bebe Ama Gastrohome

Address: Calle de Gesaleico 20, 28019 Carabanchel

Phone: 622 07 59 91

Web: comebebeamagh.com

Medium ticket: 45€

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