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The Bee My Love collection by Chaumet grows with the addition of a new pendant

After the ring and the brooch, Chaumet's dazzling bee now rests close to the heart

The prestigious jewellery house Chaumet adds a new creation to its Bee My Love collection: the Queen Bee pendant. This exquisite pendant, crafted in yellow gold and adorned with diamonds, stands out for its astonishing realism, making it appear as if it comes to life on the skin.

Wrapping the wearer in a warm sensation of sunlight, the Bee My Love shines with a special summer light. Sculpted with admirable realism and meticulously polished by Chaumet’s artisans, the pendant poetically revisits the Maison’s iconic emblem. Its wings, set with sparkling diamonds, play visually with volume and scale, while the body, entirely covered in hexagonal-shaped diamonds, evokes the structure of a honeycomb, a signature hallmark of this collection.

Until now, this precious yellow gold insect was available as a ring, earring, or brooch. This time, the Queen Bee pendant delicately rests on the neckline, offering a lucky charm that can be worn close to the heart every day.

The Bee My Love bee, with its diamond-set wings, continues to be a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Its body, covered with hexagonal-shaped diamonds, not only shines brilliantly but also features a design reminiscent of a honeycomb, reaffirming its connection to nature and the history of Chaumet. This pendant is not just a piece of jewelry, but a work of art that captures the essence of the Maison, making it an essential piece for any lover of fine jewelry.

Thus, Chaumet continues its legacy of excellence and creativity, offering jewelry that not only enhances beauty but also tells stories and evokes emotions. With the Queen Bee pendant, the Bee My Love collection is enriched with a new piece that promises to become an icon of the brand, reflecting the luxury and craftsmanship that define Chaumet.

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