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Natural beauty, take care of your skin while you sleep and reduce your skincare routine in the morning.

In recent years we have seen skincare and makeup trends that consisted of applying many beauty products on the skin of the face. However, in 2023 thanks to celebrities like Hailey Bieber we have seen how to look perfect skin without having to load the face with so much makeup product.

The key to this trend is to obtain a product that achieves the famous “good face effect”, i.e. a uniform tone with hardly any imperfections and then add the minimum possible make-up to highlight our features. Thus, we will have a natural, healthy and uniform skin.

One of the products that help us to achieve this effect is the new mask Super Knights – Mascarilla Multivitamínica para Dormir de belif, acts while you sleep by causing you to wake up with the even tone and fully moisturized skin. This mask has a great vitamin complex made up of vitamins B3, B12, C and E that make the skin look perfect in the morning.

If you want to join this trend, you can’t miss this belif novelty!

Recharge and awaken your skin overnight while hydrating it with this overnight mask formulated with 4 vitamins.

This vitamin-rich night mask with a creamy texture spreads smoothly over the skin. Ideal when your skin lacks vitality due to lack of sleep or you want to restore your dull skin to a healthy and radiant complexion.

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