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Desigual presents its second on-demand collection with a strong focus on premium materials

At the moment, these accessories and garments do not exist… But they can become a reality and become the dream gift for many. Only one decision is needed: that of the person who wants one of these pieces in their closet or in the closet of their loved ones. This is the starting point for Desigual’s second on-demand collection, which has arrived on desigual.com.

To discover the proposals, which the design team has devised with artificial intelligence tools, just visit Desigual’s website. The only images of these future creations are hosted there. People who want to purchase one of these pieces can do so directly and follow the manufacturing step by step.

On social media, Desigual is also testing the interest of its followers in this innovative product line: the first collection was very well received by the brand’s fans. This has undoubtedly been decisive in giving the green light to this second batch.

The designs, in detail

Generated with artificial intelligence tools, these evocative images are the only ones available of each of the potential pieces. As with the first collection, the design team’s intention was to test the usefulness of artificial intelligence as a creative resource and, after several attempts, they managed to develop these proposals, which they found incredibly attractive. The next step was clear: involve the community around the brand in the process and ask them a question… Do you want us to produce them?

The pieces, one by one

Among the designs that make up this second collection, two dresses stand out. One, shirt with double long sleeves and asymmetrical hem, and marble effect print. Another one, in velvet with prints of organic shapes and silver details. The proposal also includes an oversize wool coat and two sweaters, one in wool and one in mohair.

Leather also stars in the collection, with a biker-style jacket with trench-style details on shoulders and cuffs, and matching straight-cut pants with metallic appliqués. Also in leather, the bags of this second delivery: there are four models -an XL shopper, a small rigid handbag, a shoulder bag and a satchel style bag with multi-position chains-. Three of them will be produced in Spain. In Italy, on the other hand, the extra-large silk scarf that completes the collection will be manufactured.

Commitment to innovation

For Desigual, going one step further is essential. The company is committed to responsible decision making. It demonstrates this, for example, collection by collection, using increasingly sustainable materials and processes. This project, in particular, is an interesting challenge: to test an innovative product development process that uses state-of-the-art technology and also concludes with a minimum stock of each reference.

As Thomas Meyer, founder of Desigual, explains, “This on-demand collection is the combination of our almost 40 years of history and the continuous cross-cutting innovation that we drive from the company. We are very excited to test these designs made by our team and supported by artificial intelligence, the production of garments and accessories that are manufactured at the request of customers that will allow us to experiment with the reduction of product stock and investigate new ways to reach consumers, creating almost together”.

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