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Miwi introduces its first Kombucha in a can with Chef Bosquet, Marcos Llorente and Paddy

MIWI REAL DRINKS, the first brand of kombucha without sugar and artificial ingredients made in Spain, has launched its first can format packaging for its soft drink. The presentation, which unveiled MIWI’s new ‘ready to go’ can, lighter and easier to store, was given by the company’s co-founders Laura Pérez and Iñigo Aguirrezábal. In addition, the event was also attended by well-known figures such as Chef Bosquet, international footballer Marcos Llorente as well as entrepreneur and healthy living coach, Paddy.

Marcos Llorente, MIWI ambassador and international footballer, said: “The launch of the can is a great step forward for the company. For me, as part of MIWI but also as a big consumer of the brand, the fact that we can have MIWI in a can is a great step forward, as it is a much more practical format that I can take with me on my way to training or to the match. In fact that’s what I’m already doing.” Llorente also explained why kombucha is one of his favorite drinks “As an athlete who has to take care of himself and watch his diet, I always look for healthy options. When it comes to beverages, I have no doubts, as MIWI is the only drink that is flavored, refreshing and has no sugar or artificial ingredients. For me, it’s the perfect drink because I can enjoy it whenever and wherever I want. And even more so now with its new canned format”.

For his part, Chef Bosquet, also an ambassador for MIWI, has indicated that “in recent years the growth in demand for kombucha is incredible but completely understandable because in addition to being a healthy and very appetizing refreshment, it allows you to play with its flavors and introduce it in countless cocktails and combinations. In my case, I use kombucha in countless recipes for both food and drinks and it always adds a fresh and tasty touch.”

Entrepreneur, healthy living coach and the face of MIWI, Paddy Noarbe explained that “I fell in love with MIWI kombucha as soon as I tried it. I am an advocate of a healthy lifestyle and MIWI, the only kombucha that truly has no sugar or added ingredients, brings color and flavor to a balanced diet. The fact that I can now also enjoy it in canned form will allow me to drink it on many more occasions and in a more convenient way.”

Laura Perez Valverde, co-founder and CEO of MIWI has pointed out that “Kombucha in a can represents an important breakthrough for MIWI and for all kombucha lovers. At MIWI, we always strive for excellence and this innovation could not be the exception. We have been doing a lot of testing until we achieved the best result and only when we were assured of the best result, we launched MIWI in a can. In addition, the can maintains our environmental commitment to 100% recyclable packaging. The ease of transport and recycling process makes its impact on the carbon footprint much lower, thus respecting our values”.

The launch of MIWI’s new can format is one of the main milestones the company has set as part of an ambitious plan in which MIWI is redoubling its commitment to innovation and marketing. In this regard, Iñigo Aguirrezábal, co-founder and COO of MIWI has indicated that “Expanding the formats in which MIWI can be enjoyed will allow us to reach more consumers thanks to a format that is lighter than ever and that also allows us to maintain all the flavor and freshness characteristic of our kombuchas”.

Another of MIWI’s big bets for this season is a major advertising campaign in multiple formats. To develop and implement this campaign, the beverage company has partnered with ZIZER as the strategic agency for its media campaign.
The campaign that ZIZER is developing for MIWI will take shape in multiple formats such as online video and audio, especially designed for new formats such as smart tv’s as well as presence in offline channels. The campaign developed by MIWI and ZIZER can be seen and heard on some of the main content and streaming platforms such as Movistar Plus, A3Player, Youtube and Spotify, among others.

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