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Manu Ríos and Marc Forné present CARRER, the brand that revisits ready-to-wear classics

Manu Ríos and Marc Forné, two recognized names in the fashion and entertainment industry, launch CARRER, the ready-to-wear urban fashion brand that seeks to reinvent the classic with versatile and durable pieces. Inspired by her closet and nourished by the essence of the streets of her favorite cities, the brand brings a fresh and unique vision to the fashion world, combining elements of vintage basics with streetwear style. The firm has all kinds of garments, from jackets, pants, over shirts to sweatshirts and classic style T-shirts that can be purchased from October 20 on its own ecommerce.

Manu Ríos has become one of the most outstanding young promises in the world of cinema and television in recent years. However, he has transcended the world of acting to become a reference in the world of fashion, being one of the few Spaniards who has occupied privileged seats in the parades of luxury brands in the industry and even attending the prestigious and exclusive MET Gala. In parallel, Marc Forné, a stylist and a profile closely associated with fashion for years, has built a solid presence on social networks, building a relationship with the industry that has led him to dress big name celebrities like Troye Sivan and his current partner Manu Rios.

The result of working side by side in the styling of the actor was born this strong alliance. The association of Ríos and Forné re-presents a powerful combination of talent and style that now becomes a reality with their new brand.

“CARRER embodies our passion for timeless and genderless urban fashion, born out of our need for comfortable garments designed for our everyday. Our goal is to create a brand with redesigned basics that define our “Off Duty” style and reflect the essence of our daily inspiration nurtured by a diversity of environments and a lifestyle that celebrates exploration and comfort in everyday activity,” say the brand’s founders and creative directors, Manu Ríos and Marc Forné.

CARRER means street and was born to merge urban diversity with a classy style. CARRER is not only fashion, but the reflection of streets, neighborhoods and cities in its clothing, representing a lifestyle that embraces exploration, constant movement and the search for comfort in activity.

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