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Materia Prima the Bernabéu fish market

An original restaurant concept that has already completed its first decade of life.

True to its motto from the sea to the table, the restaurant Materia Prima has already completed its first ten years at the foot of the cannon. A fun concept that consists of a small market and a charming restaurant, where we can taste the products that we acquire in their striking counters. Without a doubt, visiting Materia Prima is the closest thing to visiting a fish market without having to leave the capital. As soon as we arrive at the restaurant, two distinct showcases await us, where fish and seafood are seductively displayed on the left, and spectacular cuts of La Finca meats on the right.

A totally customized proposal that allows us to choose exactly what we want to eat, to have it prepared on the spot or to take it home and demonstrate our culinary skills. Materia Prima makes it easy for us. The customer chooses and the customer is always in charge. Therefore, in this pleasant restaurant, located on the banks of the mythical Santiago Bernabeu stadium, you can order from three to ten dozen shrimp, as the limits are set by the diner. A good way to give yourself an unforgettable tribute, but always controlling the final touch according to your appetite and budget.

Its creator, the very nice Ricardo Garrastazu, has outlined an original concept that during the last decade, has garnered a loyal audience, which does not hesitate to return. Por este motivo siempre conviene reservar, si queremos disfrutar de la apetecible propuesta gastronómica que Gonzalo Barruetabeña, chef de restaurante elabora siempre con las mejores materias primas.

For this reason it is always advisable to make a reservation, if we want to enjoy the appetizing gastronomic proposal that Gonzalo Barruetabeña, chef of the restaurant, always elaborates with the best raw materials. It is difficult to say which one we liked the most. A first class product that needs no disguises, but that is complemented in an appropriate and balanced way with any of the homemade sauces prepared by Gonzalo.

We continue with exceptional grilled prawns from Huelva. A fully enjoyable bite that led us to some very tasty tuna tacos with potatoes and free-range egg. A dish that is a true spectacle and that gave way to a wonderful grouper a la bilbaína. Accompanied by some delicious potatoes with mojo picón, it is a healthy, tasty and absolutely delicious option.

For dessert, we ordered the homemade thin apple pie with vanilla ice cream. A perfect finishing touch that never fails.

Materia Prima, a gastronomic reference in the capital, is a true ode to the product. A restaurant where quality always prevails and that allows us a fun evening, in which we first go to the market to taste what we have bought. A good plan, isn’t it?

Materia Prima Restaurant

Address: C/Doctor Fleming nº 7

28036 Madrid

Phone: 913 440 177

Web: http://www.materia-prima.es/

Average price: 50€

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