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Influencers wear XAMBO

Rocio Camacho, Carla Hinojosa and Monica Pont join XAMBO in a collaboration with our brand

Influencers Carla Hinojosa and Rocio Camacho and actress Monica Pont wear XAMBO in collaboration with the brand.

XAMBO is a Tibetan mastiff characterized for being the most expensive mascot in the world and has been chosen as the image of our brand due to our similarity in values. For this reason, a limited edition collection has been launched to coincide with the launch of our look the Luxury magazine with sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps in black and white and a thermos that can be found on our website.

About XAMBO: The Tibetan Mastiff of Look The Luxury, our magazine specialized in the luxury sector, is called XAMBO, a word whose meaning gathers the three treasures of Zen philosophy. Being this breed really ancient and whose role in the communities was that of guardian and protector, it is for us a symbol of greatness and security. It is also currently considered the most expensive pet in the world, with a value of around one million euros.

About Rocio Camacho: she is a Spanish influencer with more than 800 K followers on Instagram (@rocioccamacho) The influencer from La Mancha is the founder ‘Body Lobby’ which consists of an online training and nutrition plan.

About Carla Hinojosa: is a Spanish influencer with over 300K followers on Instagram ( @carlahinojosar ) who has followed in the footsteps of her mother Susi Rejano who has over 750K followers on Instagram.

About Monica Pont: is a well-known Spanish actress, model and presenter who currently resides in Mexico City. She has also written a book “You are not alone” which is based on her own experience in the fight for custody of her son.

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