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La Gruta de Valdebernardo, a seductive traditional cuisine with a touch of signature cuisine featuring the best raw materials.

La Gruta de Valdebernardo opened its doors back in 2018 at number thirty-two Boulevard José Prat in Valdebernado, the neighborhood where Queen Letizia lived as a single woman. A restaurant with an honest and quality proposal, which since its opening has garnered a loyal clientele that does not hesitate to return. Its creators, the couple formed by Silvana Defaz and Oscar Mecati have outlined a resounding concept of honest cuisine with the charming chef Deynis Pazmiño. A great team that conquers us as soon as we arrive at the restaurant with their overflowing hospitality.

La Gruta de Valdebernardo welcomes us with two spacious and cozy lounges, which are complemented by a pleasant outdoor terrace that is ideal for enjoying summer nights in the capital, as it is located in an area near the forest park where there are many plants and trees. A beautiful environment that becomes the perfect setting when what you are looking for is to collect beautiful moments around a table.

The menu of La Gruta de Valdebernardo offers a seductive collection of traditional dishes that are always prepared with the best raw materials and large doses of love for the delight of the diner. An honest and resounding proposal that never generates indifference.

During our visit to La Gruta de Valdebernardo, we began by savoring a delicious sea bass ceviche with leche de tigre as an appetizer that won us over as soon as we tasted it, which gave way to a very tasty grilled volandeira. We continue with some striking artichokes with Pedro Ximénez and goat cheese. A product of exceptional quality that only needs a good touch of EVOO and salt flakes.

The homemade oxtail croquettes with demiglace and ham croquettes coated in panko were undoubtedly the perfect prelude to the delicious sorian rashers that we enjoyed from start to finish, before succumbing to the charms of the formidable huevos rotos con Idiazábal (scrambled eggs with Idiazábal cheese). A surprising dish that made us lose our manners and dunk our bread thoroughly.

To finish, we were tempted to try the original combination of homemade brownie with avocado ice cream. A full-fledged delicacy that makes it worth skipping the diet.

La Gruta de Valdebernardo, a perfect destination to enjoy a resounding gastronomic proposal starring quality and honesty. Recipes from the traditional Spanish recipe book with the right touches of the author are to blame for the fact that once you get to know … It tempts us to come back!

La Gruta de Valdebernardo

Address: Bulevar de José Prat, 32, 28032 Madrid

Phone: 912 23 51 82

Web: https://restaurante-lagruta.es/

Medium Ticket: 35€

Menu of the day: 13,50€.

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