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Garmin, introduces MARQ Gen 2, the second generation of watches.

In October 2022, Garmin presented the second generation of MARQ2 watches. A collection of five exclusive watches with cutting-edge features and unique designs.

Garmin, a member of the Spanish Luxury Association ”Luxury Spain”, is a company dedicated to the creation of high quality products. Focused on the nautical, automotive, aviation, outdoor and sports sectors. An essential part of your customers’ lives.

MARQ Athlete, MARQ Adventurer, MARQ Golfer, MARQ Captain and MARQ Aviator.

The firm’s main objective is to become the best companion for the practice of sports performance activities. The collection is characterized by the use of materials such as grade 5 titanium. It also incorporates an AMOLED touch screen.

Sophisticated design, comfort and battery for everyday use.

Among its new features is a set of features unique to each model. Exclusive designs such as titanium, nylon and silicone straps are used throughout the range. They are designed with excellent craftsmanship and the utmost attention to detail. Materials such as grade 5 titanium which provides performance 5 times stronger and harder than most steels.

The vibrant AMOLED display is designed with high responsiveness to enhance the experience and interaction with the product. The second generation of the MARQ range features up to 16 days of battery life and twice as fast charging as previous models. Thus, the customer is not concerned.

Premium Features

Designed to be much more than a collection of watches. The MARQ range includes a suite of health and wellness features, with the Garmin seal of approval. Such as heart rate, respiration and stress tracking from the wrist, advanced sleep information and Body-Battery energy and recovery monitoring.

Also new to all MARQ watches is multi-band GNSS support, multi-frequency GPS (L1 + L5) and Garmin SatIQ™ technology, which ensures superior positioning accuracy in any environment while optimizing battery life.

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