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Meliá Hotels International and tennis player Rafa Nadal create a new lifestyle hotel brand under the name ZEL

Tennis player Rafael Nadal and Gabriel Escarrer, CEO of Meliá Hotels International, presented the ZEL hotel project in Madrid today.

A new brand of vacation and urban leisure hotels that will start operating first in Spain, and then position itself in the main destinations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

The Joint Venture between these two global brands of Mallorcan origin aspires to consistent international growth, capitalizing on their powerful Mediterranean character as their main hallmark. In addition, it will be joined by strategic partners who will accompany it in its international expansion in different areas such as gastronomy, decoration, well-being and technology.

The result of adding the inspiring leadership of Rafa Nadal and the international experience of more than 65 years in the creation of luxury hotels and the hotel management of Meliá, is materialized today in the design of a unique brand that will captivate travelers and surprise new generations. An innovative hotel brand, full of energy, with a new interpretation of wellness and a model of sustainability. We are happy to finally be able to collaborate, as partners in this project, with a personal and sporting icon such as Rafa.

Gabriel Escarrer

The launch of our hotel brand is a project that, as a Spaniard, a Mallorcan and a world traveler, I have had in mind. Zel is synonymous with feeling good at every moment, enjoying life and the way we live it throughout the Mediterranean. From the very first moment I was attracted to this new concept that we have been developing together with Meliá. I trust that Zel will be a story of success and growth and that it will be enjoyed by everyone who goes to the hotels, which in the end is the reason for its creation.

Rafael Nadal

The expansion plan envisages the opening of more than 20 hotels in 5 years, focusing on destinations with a clear orientation towards premium leisure tourism and the bleisure concept in the main regions where Meliá Hotels International is present: Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia. In the first phase, the brand aims to grow in destinations on the Mediterranean coast and in capitals such as Madrid, Paris and London, with the first ZEL hotel scheduled to open in Mallorca in 2023.

ZEL: the celebration of the Mediterranean lifestyle

The project is based on the positioning of both brands as ambassadors of Mediterranean values and lifestyle: the passion for living outdoors, good food, the focus on architecture and design to create spacious and bright spaces, where the connection with nature, the sky and the sea is prioritized. ZEL hotel guests will be able to take care of “body and soul” through well-being experiences that they can organize in their own way: group or individual activities for physical exercise and fitness.

ZEL offers an inspiring new home-away-from-home experience that evokes the way of life of a Mediterranean home, with a courtyard as the heart of the hotel and as a point of flow and connection. The patio, an element so present throughout the Mediterranean, will give way to other spaces such as terraces, rooftops or beach clubs that will be the protagonists of outdoor life, and where you can admire and enjoy panoramic views of great beauty. All of this in an organic atmosphere with a relaxed design, local gastronomy, natural wellness and unexpected and vibrant shared experiences. Zel customers will be able to access a digital community where they can share their experiences and continue their lifestyle after their stay is over.

As an outstanding attribute, the hotels will also promote social interaction and experiences, through a variety of “pop-up corners” dedicated to crafts, aesthetics, or the tasting of products from collaborating brands.

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