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Fujifilm becomes part of Elite Excellence – Spanish Luxury Federation

Through this agreement, the Japanese company will be able to offer unique experiences with its products to a demanding and high purchasing power audience

Fujifilm Spain has signed an agreement with Elite Excellence to become a part of the Spanish Luxury Federation, joining over a hundred carefully selected high-end brands.

From Fujifilm, we can offer these unique experiences that Elite Excellence members seek – a demanding audience with significant purchasing power, firmly committed to excellence, and who will find great interest in our wide range of products: starting from our digital cameras in the X and GFX series, which include advanced video capabilities; moving on to our instax cameras, which provide the perfect finishing touch to any worthy celebration; or our Link series smartphone printers, portable and compact enough to fit into a handbag. And for those who are enthusiasts of navigation, hunting, safaris, or ornithology, we offer the finest binoculars,” explains Eduardo López, Director of Imaging at Fujifilm Spain.”

On the other hand, Sandra Andújar, the president of the Spanish Luxury Federation, affirms that “At Elite Excellence, we work to ensure that our member brands are at the top of the customer’s mind. Firstly, by selecting only leading firms in their sector; secondly, by showcasing their virtues, novelties, and innovations; and thirdly, by seeking the terrain where to make them shine and connect them with potential customers or allies.”

The Japanese company is the only one globally that encompasses, and continues to develop, all areas of photography, ranging from analog capture with instant cameras and printers, progressing through their digital cameras, to a wide variety of printing equipment, high-end projectors, and binoculars with stabilization and excellent optical quality.

New products

Fujifilm has just released the X-S20, a compact and lightweight digital camera model that features a high-capacity battery capable of recording around 800 frames and continuing to operate for an extended period of time, making it an ideal travel camera.
In the family of instant cameras, Fujifilm has expanded the range of its most coveted model, the instax Mini 40, with its new Square SQ40, which, among other features, offers a larger image area in its photos.

For nature and wildlife observation, Fujifilm offers the Hyper-Clarity range of binoculars, which are highly reliable for use in adverse outdoor conditions. This holds true for their line of binoculars designed for navigation, grouped under the Mariner series, which are lightweight, dependable, and feature a sealed and waterproof structure.

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