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Kendall Jenner protagoniza la campaña de Stella McCartney otoño invierno 2023 (Cortesía Stella McCartney)

EQUINE POWER: The Winter 2023 campaign by Stella McCartney, starring Kendall Jenner

The La Camargue Natural Park is the perfect setting to carry out Stella McCartney's W23 collection campaign

In a magical encounter between fashion and nature, Kendall Jenner stands as the undeniable protagonist of Stella McCartney’s Winter 2023 campaign. In this captivating narrative, the elegance of the garments harmoniously intertwines with the majesty of the horses, creating a unique fusion.

The prominent model is captured through the lens of photographer Harley Weir while sharing the scene with the iconic white ponies that inhabit the Camargue Salt Flats in France. In this idyllic corner, the equestrian essence seamlessly merges with Stella McCartney’s artistic vision.

Each snapshot perfectly captures the essence of her connection with the horses, conveying her passion and dedication in every shared movement. “I knew the Stella girl this season had to love horses as much as I do,” says McCartney about her latest collection. “Kendall has been riding since she was a child, just like me, and she has her own ranch; you can see how comfortable she is around these sensitive creatures and how comfortable they are with her”.

Kendall Jenner protagoniza la campaña de Stella McCartney otoño invierno 2023 (Cortesía Stella McCartney)

The Winter 2023 collection celebrates the rich equestrian heritage through jacquard patterns inspired by Appaloosas, rope details evoking reins, and quilting that pays homage to horse blankets. This line is framed within the sustainable philosophy that characterizes the brand, utilizing conscious materials and accessories crafted from vegan alternatives such as mushroom mycelium and the innovative MIRIUM.

The campaign invites you to immerse yourself in this perfect fusion of passion for fashion and deep respect for nature, capturing the equestrian essence in all its fullness. Discover this unique connection by exploring the Stella McCartney website and let yourself be carried away by a collection that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional fashion.

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