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Wild Duck, the new temple of Peking Duck in the Madrid Golden Mile

The latest opening from the Shangrila Group delights us with the seductive gastronomic proposal by Rodrigo Yeh

“The effervescent gastronomic scene in Madrid never ceases to surprise us, even during the summer period. Constant openings with interesting culinary proposals offer us cuisines from around the world, making the summer in the capital acquire a special flavor.

Chinese-origin entrepreneur Ana Wu, the mastermind behind the legendary Peking Duck restaurant located in the Madrid town of Pozuelo de Alarcón, recently decided to continue her expansion with a new restaurant in the exclusive Salamanca neighborhood. Under the name “Wild Duck” and in collaboration with the Shangrila Brothers, this new establishment located at number 102 Velázquez Street immerses us in the finest Chinese culinary culture, centered around the legendary Peking Duck recipe. This dish takes on an unquestionable role in the menu of Wild Duck and represents one of the most treasured preparations in Chinese cuisine.

After the tremendous success of her first establishment, Peking Duck, which has been open for over thirty years, Wu decided that the time had come to make a grand leap to the capital city, and she did so in style. A beautiful venue in one of the best areas of Madrid awaits us, offering a seductive collection of delicious bites from Imperial China, meticulously crafted by the renowned chef Rodrigo Yeh.

During our first visit to Wild Duck, we began by savoring some incredibly flavorful wild duck spring rolls, listed on the menu as “Chun Juan Wild Duck.” Original and exotic, they shared the spotlight with the well-prepared Vietnamese spring rolls “Yue Nan Chun Juan,” served with mint and lettuce, lending them a refreshing touch.”

The wild duck gyoza we tried next is an absolute delight. A bold bite that captivates the palate from the first nibble and that we fully enjoyed before moving on to try the crown jewel: the Peking Duck Bei Jing Kao Ya, served with delicate pancakes, cucumber, scallion, and their selection of sauces for us to choose from. A fun ritual full of magic and exoticism that led to the delicious ‘Good Memories of Yesterday’ rice, prepared with duck and prawns, listed on the menu as Shi Guo Cha Shao Chao Fan. An exquisite recipe that paved the way for the sweet moment of dessert

At this point, nothing is better than cleansing the palate with a refreshing lychee ice cream. Light, digestible, and exotic, it was undoubtedly the perfect final touch for our evening.

Wild Duck, a new and resounding opening in the capital that transports us to distant China through the palate. Exotic, elegant, and bold flavors that give undeniable prominence to the delicious duck that lends its name to the restaurant. Will we see you soon at Wild Duck?


Telephone: 919 42 30 51

Address: Calle de Velázquez, 102.Madrid

Website: www.pato-salvaje.com

Medium Ticket: 30/35 €

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