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Edra and Shelum Bautista present their new luxury furniture collection

Edra is the home furnishings firm that has manufactured a large number of historically significant contemporary design objects

In an event that brought together the best of the social and business panorama of the sector, Edra and Shelum Bautista jointly presented their collection of furniture, already on sale, and temporarily exhibited at Espacio L’Art Singular.

Inspired by the passion for design, Edra was born in 1987 with the purpose of changing the concept of furnishing spaces for the creation of homes and inspiring environments, where the most important thing is who lives them and their emotions.

In Edra The details of each piece are meticulous: the materials, the proportions, the finishes, the touch… Qualities that improve the quality of the products that they offer in a wide range of contemporary style and that adapt to all tastes and needs, leading the brand to rapid growth in national and international markets.

Each Edra piece carries its own stamp that distinguishes it from its competitors. Furthermore, in 2004, in the search for ever more advanced technologies, it invented and patented Gellyfoam®, which favors the evolution of human needs in the area of comfort. So much so that his pieces are present in the permanent exhibitions of the MOMA in New York, the Beaubourg in Paris and Les Arts Décoratifs.

Shelum Bautista is an official distributor of the Edra furniture brand with an exhibition in its store in Madrid, Calle Orellana, 14 and its online store, where you can see and buy pieces like the ones we present below.

Designed by Masanori Umeda, Edra’s rose-shaped Rose Chair, as its name suggests, can be seen as an element of haute couture. The petals, which form the filling and act as a seat, are handmade one by one. The frame is molded metal with small shaped pieces of wood; the padding is polyurethane foam and Dacron. Legs are lathed and brushed aluminum with a clear baked-on coating finish. The upholstery is velvet and is available in the colors of the Edra fabric collection.

Edra bar stool, designed by Jacopo Foggini. High stool, entirely handmade in polycarbonate, available in different finishes. Metal base with ruthenium finish, allows rotation and variation of seat height. This product is part of the Chairs collection.

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