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Cuarto Interior designs the new Hard Rock Hotel Marbella to the sixties Ye-Yé beat

For its innovative interior design, the project is nominated for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards and the International Hotel & Property Awards 2023.

The interior design studio Cuarto Interior, headed by Germán Álvarez and Jose Manuel Fernández, has renovated the interior of the Hard Rock Hotel Marbella, which includes a spectacular Roof Top and its 383 rooms, including a 140-square-meter Rock Star Suite.

The hotel is located near the renowned Playa del Duque and offers a vibrant atmosphere for adults, to the rhythm of music, which will not leave its guests indifferent.

Images: Javier de Paz García

Continuing with the casual and musical atmosphere of all HardRock Hotels establishments, Cuarto Interior has proposed for the Marbella interior design project to pay tribute to the Ye-ye movement. In Spain, this movement triumphed among the youth of the 1960s, who sought to break with imposed norms, give free rein to the imagination and live life in full color.

The rooftop terrace of the Hard Rock Hotel Marbella promises long hours of fun around its magnificent pool with a unique pattern, to the rhythm of the music. Cuarto Interior has designed different micro-environments for each guest to find the outdoor experience they are looking for. The relaxation and intimacy areas are contrasted with a bar in the purest style of the 60s and a stage at the height of any artist.

In the intimacy of the rooms, the free aesthetics, which flees from conventionalism, can be felt in every decorative detail. Vertical lines are combined with curves, blue, orange and red tones are enlivened with golden touches.

Hard Rock Hotel Marbella converts its space into a modern design with delicate nods to the style that characterized the Costa del Sol in the 60s.

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