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Dani Brasserie consolidates the ‘Dani’s Noon Days’.

Since last January, when Dani García surprised us with his seductive proposal called “Los Mediodías de Dani” at the exclusive Four Seasons Hotel in Madrid, he has not ceased to gain followers. Something foreseeable considering the magnificent dishes that make up the menu. A proposal that we can enjoy only at lunchtime from Monday to Friday and in which there will always be room for some of the most emblematic dishes of the famous chef from Malaga.

Located on the seventh floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, Dani Brasserie awaits us in a striking space with magnificent views of the Madrid skyline, where this resounding proposal that has far exceeded our expectations awaits us. A tasting menu prepared with the best seasonal products and in which the signature of its author can be appreciated. A selection of recipes that include some of the chef’s most emblematic dishes so that we can fully enjoy them in this magnificent location.

On our last visit to Dani Brasseri we started by tasting his now famous nitro tomato with green gazpacho, which is a real spectacle. A very visual recipe that enamors the palate and that led us to a powerful creamy rice with red mullet. A seductive and tasty preparation that convinces from the first bite and that we enjoyed from start to finish before succumbing to the original Frescor Andalusi. One of Dani Garcia’s star desserts that is worth trying whenever you visit Dani Brasserie.

Dani Brasserie consolidates “Los mediodías de Dani” at the exclusive Four Seasons Hotel in Madrid. An honest, emphatic and very accessible proposal that democratizes the exceptional cuisine of its creator, the formidable Dani García. Can you resist?


ADDRESS: Calle de Sevilla, 3, 28014 Madrid

TELEPHONE: 913 30 62 10

MENU SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

MENU PRICE: 51€ per person

WEB: www.danibrasserie.com

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