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Brasserie Lafayette, the charming French bistro nestled in the exclusive El Viso neighborhood

A small temple of authentic French gastronomy in the capital

Romantic, cozy, and intimate. Stepping through the threshold of Brasserie Lafayette means traveling to those magical bistros of Belle France, where the spirit of romance envelops us, helping us escape the routine. A beautiful restaurant located in the Chamartín district of Madrid, specifically at number two Recaredo street, where seductive French cuisine awaits us, always tasting better in good company and with a good wine. Its enticing menu, composed of delicious recipes from the best French cuisine, reaches its peak when accompanied by its carefully curated drinks menu. A formidable wine cellar that is undoubtedly worth exploring when visiting Brasserie Lafayette.

At the helm of the dining room, the charming Sébastien Leparoux guides us through this unforgettable gastronomic adventure, skillfully recommending both dishes and wines to pair with them. An unforgettable evening filled with magic and exclusivity that transports us to our neighboring country through the palate.

During our visit to Brasserie Lafayette, we started by savoring some delicious appetizers that immersed us in the essence of the restaurant. First, a tapenade olive spherification that captivated us with a surprising burst of flavor in the mouth, leading us to some playful butter bites shaped like peanuts and seductive truffle cupcakes. Three original creations that hinted that the best was yet to come.

We continued with a delicate oyster with peanut and redcurrant that shared the spotlight with another crowned with marinated anchovy and olive oil caviar, treating us to an intense flavor of the sea. Pure pleasure.

The bold version of the classic salt cod brandade served on shiso leaf with Dijon mustard and black garlic that we tasted next is a true gastronomic gem that is fully enjoyed when eaten with the hands. A dish not very suitable for a date, but undoubtedly worth trying.

To warm ourselves on a bleak and gray day, we moved on to taste an elegant onion soup with Comté cheese sphere, pickled spring onion in black garlic, brioche, and chive oil. A delight in every sense, which gave way to a sensational skate with meunière pil pil, salsify puree, and caper leaves. A supremely delicate recipe that surprises and convinces from the first bite.

For the meats, we opted for the Chateaubriand with pink pepper and cauliflower puree with mustard. A truly exquisite recipe that made us clean the plate thoroughly.

For dessert, we tried the crème brûlée mille-feuille and the tarte Tatin with vanilla ice cream. Both very delicious, although the mille-feuille seemed like a true indulgence, delighting the most sweet-toothed palates.

Brasserie Lafayette, a charming slice of France in the capital where you can savor formidable French cuisine and enjoy a select wine cellar that captivates the senses and enchants the palate with each visit. A quaint and romantic restaurant that is worth considering when you want to collect very special moments around a table. Can you resist visiting Brasserie Lafayette?


Address: Calle de Recaredo 2, 28002 Madrid

Phone: 912 60 69 12

Website: www.brasserielafayette.es

Medium Ticket: 55€

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